Rochester Police Emerald Society 2019 Membership


Valid April 2019 - March 2020


New Members purchasing 2019 membership recieve the remainer of the 2018 membership year free.


Please submit a membership application at the time of payment.


RPES By-Laws

Article 2, Section 3 Application For Membership

(Full and Honorary) Application for new members must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and one year’s dues and be sponsored by a full member in good standing. Said application will then be referred to the Executive Board to investigate the character, qualification and the status or type of the applicant. New applications will be voted on at a regular membership meeting. A majority vote of a quorum is necessary for a new application to be approved.


If you have questions please contact prior to purchase. Membership fee is non-refundable.


2019 Membership

  • The attached .pdf is your temporary membership and is valid only when signed by the president of the Rochester Police Emerald Society or his designee. Print and bring your temporary card with you to your first membership meeting.